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"You feed the madness and it feeds on you."
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I now remember a lot of things I wanted to buy and some gifts I wanted to give to some artists there (that I forgot on the hotel.-_-) but I was so dead and I couldn’t think or remember nothing there. I’m just back from my Black Forest trip, Paris and then renewing passaport+banks… So I was a zombie. (and all the deadlines are falling upon me again, alas!) 

Anyway, I didn’t talk with everyone there because I think it’s a little bit awkward to say: “Hi, I’m Zephyrhant and I love you”… So yeah, buut if you saw that creature in the photo by your booth, that was me.

I wished I had talked to Bory, Aurore, Rann, but I never found them there… and I didn’t knew what to say to Aurore.

il y a 1 an

  1. edelweiss-drops a dit : Ouais c’est hyper dur de parler face à face avec des artistes qu’on admire! >_< Je te comprends totalement!
  2. orpheelin a dit : You and you’re sister are beautiful !! \*3*/ I’m so happy we could meet on the booth ! *hugs*
  3. amaltheren a dit : C’était un plaisir de te rencontrer, j’espère qu’on se reverra sur d’autres salons ^3^//
  4. nari-lys a dit : contente de t’avoir rencontré même si ce fut court ^^
  5. yzabel-ginsberg a dit : Don’t be shy, I do that all the time: “Heya, I’d like to buy your artbook, by the way I’m Yzabel from dA.” I’m yet to be sent to the devil by any artist. (Or maybe they don’t dare! XD)
  6. eala85 a dit : noooooooooooo eri li e io non lo sapevo ç___ç??? ci sono stata 4 giorni e non ti ho trovato? ç___ç voglio morire!!!
  7. eyoha a dit : omg you were there!!?! :O The 4 days? I understand you so much! I was so shy in front of Orpheelin and Aurore I didn’t know what to say omg!
  8. auroreblackcat a dit : Naaaaaaaaaaaaan mais il fallait me parler quand même, moi aussi j’aurais envoyé des ♥♥♥ T^T
  9. zephyrhante a publié ce billet